A bow on underwear is a fashionable element since the Renaissance
2020-03-02 00:25:53
Did you know women began to wear underwear in the Renaissance? Read the article and you learn some interesting facts
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Mike Greenfold By Mike Greenfold, Contributor Sep. 24, 2019, at 10:30 AM

Centuries ago women went without linen and hygiene at that time was at a very low level. Over time, women began to pay more attention to personal hygiene and cleanliness. That's when the idea came up to put on underwear under the dress, which, as it turned out, also protected from the cold and concealed the intimate places during a fall from a horse or in other curious cases.

Of course, now women's underwear is fundamentally different from what our great-grandmothers wore. But one detail that has survived a lot of fashion and trends has remained unchanged. This item is a bow.

If you think that at the time of the Renaissance, ladies were so coquetted that they adorned their linen, you are mistaken. The bow had a practical role. When there was no electricity in the houses, women usually dressed in impenetrable darkness. And in order not to put underwear back to front, a bow helped them. Having felt the bow, women understood which side to wear underwear.

After hundreds of years, this element of underwear has changed and already plays only an aesthetic role. It serves for beauty and looks gentle, attractive, feminine and sophisticated.

In the Renaissance, on men's underwear, there was something similar to a bow, too. It was a rope that helped cowards to stay on the man’s body and not slide down.


Did you know about such an interesting detail? It turns out that the usual bow survived a lot of changes and was not lost in all fashion trends. It survived and began to serve as a delicate accessory on women's underwear.