Unleash the potential of hair gray: stylist tips that will make you irresistible
2020-03-19 21:44:30
Gray hair will emphasize your femininity if you look after it properly. Follow these simple rules to feel young and beautiful again
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Robin Madell By Robin Madell, Contributor Mar. 19, 2020, at 09:07 PM

Have you noticed the first hair gray in your hair and panicked? Do not be so afraid of hair gray. This is not a sign of old age, and you are still young and beautiful. A woman has no age; she decides when old age comes. Therefore, if your head is covered with silver threads, this is just an excuse to change the look and choose the right hair care. Following our tips, you can make your gray hair more well-groomed and look great.

The right shampoo and conditioner balm is the key to the health of your hair

Unfortunately, hair gray is dry and dull. To avoid these unpleasant manifestations, use shampoo and conditioner for dry hair. These products nourish and moisturize the hair, and, as a result, gray hear becomes shiny and silky. Also, shampoo and conditioner for dry hair have a protective function. They minimize the negative impact of the environment.

Get rid of split ends of hair regularly

Due to dryness, gray hair is much split. In this case, it is advisable to use special masks for dry and split ends at least once a week. Also, visit your hairdresser regularly and cut the ends of your hair. This will give your hair a look of beauty, and your hair will look more magnificent.

Protect your hair from high temperatures

Try not to use a curling iron, hair curlers, hair straightened, and avoid open sunlight.Hair gray is very brittle and therefore the additional effect of hot temperatures destroys the hair structure. If you want to make yourself styling with curls, then you can use ordinary curlers. A hairdryer is best used only in emergency cases. If you can not do without these tools, then use thermal protective balms that protect dry hair from damage and exposure to high temperatures. Also, thermal protective agents provide additional moisture to too dry hair.

This also applies to the effects of ultraviolet radiation on your hair. It also dries hair and makes it lifeless. Therefore, if you plan to walk under the scorching sun, it is better to wear a hat.

Gray-haired women sometimes look older than their years and the reason for this is not hair gray, it is skin tone. With age, our skin loses its brightness and contrast, eyebrows lose their shape, and eyes and lips lose their color. If we add to this also the ashen color of the hair, we get a tired and colorless look. Many women, to avoid facelessness, dye their hair dark or apply a large amount of makeup. But this is not the right way to a stylish look. Bright makeup looks unnatural and vulgar. Choose the right shades of cosmetics and your look will become stylish and elegant.

The correct shape of the eyebrows

Eyebrows emphasize facial features. Therefore, the irregular shape of the eyebrows can distort even the correct facial features. To look attractive, look after the shape of the eyebrows and color them in a color suitable for your face tone. Do not make eyebrows thin and black. This shape of eyebrows gives you a dozen years. Try to maintain a natural eyebrow shape and color them soft brown.

Find your shade of blush

Gray hair makes your complexion paler. In this case, blush will save you. It helps to model facial features and brightens the face. Owners of gray hair should pay attention to the blush of light tones. Do not apply bright and dark blush, as such shades give a tired look to the face. The best options for a blush to combine with hair gray are peach and light pink shades.

Make your eyes bright

Eyes are the mirror of the soul. Therefore, eye makeup plays an important role in creating a stylish look. Women with hair gray have better avoiding bright tones of shadows. Prefer soft and neutral tones that accentuate the natural beauty of your eyes. Mascara is best applied only to the upper eyelashes, so the eyes appear wider and more expressive.

Do not forget to use lipstick

With age, the lips lose not only pigmentation but volume, too. If you need to be careful with the tone of eye shadow, then with the choice of lipstick you have the opportunity to experiment. You can safely use coral, pink or raspberry shades. If you want to add volume to your lips, apply gloss to the lipstick. It will give juiciness and freshness to the lips.

The right hairstyle and makeup will not help you if you walk with a sad look, and talk only about problems. The cheerful rays from your eyes will make you irresistible, and no makeup will replace them. Live and enjoy life. And always remember you are beautiful.