What Is Better Hand Washing Or Hand Sanitizer
2020-03-09 23:52:57
Which remedy of disinfecting and cleaning the hands of bacteria and viruses is more effective: washing hands with soap or hand sanitizer. What is better for prevention from coronavirus Covid-19
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Robin Madell By Robin Madell, Contributor Mar. 09, 2020, at 08:55 PM

Hand Washing

You should care about your health all the time. To prevent all infectious diseases, including coronavirus, you should wash your hands often or disinfect them using the special remedy. Right hygiene is an obstacle to the spread of viruses. Dirty hands are carriers of pathogens of various infections.

According to the recommendations of the doctors, we should pay attention to hand hygiene for the prevention of viral diseases. It says the most effective method of hand hygiene is washing hands with soap or using hand sanitizer.

A new study, conducted at Kyoto Prefecture Medical University in Japan, showed that infectious agents, including flu, are afraid washing hands than hand sanitizer. The results of a study that was published in mSphere showed that alcohol-based products did not kill viruses of acute respiratory infections. If the skin is dry, then disinfectants cope with their task and kill viruses. Nevertheless, when you cover your palms while coughing or sneezing, mucus gets on your hands and the properties of the disinfectant are significantly reduced. Alcohol does not destroy the virus and you are at risk of disease.

Nevertheless, even such a simple way of washing your hands cannot always help get rid of the infection if you wash your hands incorrectly.

How to wash your hands

First, put your hands under running water, and then apply soap or gel. Then start rubbing the palms with the inner side, then wipe the interdigital spaces well, each finger, phalanges, and the back of the palm. Pay attention to every inch of your palms and fingers.

Try to wash your hands as often as possible, especially if you visit public places or after you have touched money, the phone.

However, there are situations in which you do not have the opportunity to wash your hands with soap. In this case, hand sanitizer comes to your aid, which you can take with you and carry them constantly in your bag. They are always with you, and you can use them every time when you need it.

There are hand sanitizers in many forms on the market. Different manufacturers produce them in different forms such as gels, liquids, wipes, and sprays. Which of the types you need, only you can decide. It all depends on where you choose to use them or on your personal preferences.

As a rule, the basis of all hand sanitizers is alcohol. Some manufacturers may add other components, but they play more an additional role than disinfectants. We suggest you figure out which type of hand sanitizer is more suitable for you.

Hand Sanitizer

Using the spray is quite comfortable, and you can put it in your bag and get it at any time. Nevertheless, sprays contain a lot of alcohol and can cause skin irritation on the hands. In addition, with just one click on the dispenser, you process most of your hands. Nevertheless, due to a large amount of alcohol, sprays stick on the surface of the skin for a very short time. Alcohol dries, and the protective function of the spray evaporates with it. Alcohol-free sprays exist, too, but their level of effectiveness is not very high.

Gel or liquid sanitizers contain a high concentration of disinfectants. Nevertheless, their pack is not very convenient in everyday use. Such sanitizers are suitable for offices more when you can take the necessary amount of liquid in a calm environment without risking pouring everything on clothing or the floor. You should also know that a gel or liquid form made sticky shells on your hands and this can be a discomfort. The positive qualities of the gel include moisturizing components. After liquid hand sanitizers, there is no feeling of dry skin.

Hand sanitizer wipes are the most convenient way to prevent viral diseases. They are compact; you can take them with you to transport, gym, for a walk. You can wipe not only your hands with wipes but also objects that you plan to touch. Thus, you protect yourself much more. You must remember the correct disposal of wipes. After using a tissue, immediately throw it into the trashcan.

How to apply hand sanitizer to your hands

Apply the product on dry hands and distribute it to all areas of the hands, without missing the back and inner sides of the palms, fingers, between the fingers. After you have thoroughly rubbed sanitizer, let it soak for 30 seconds.

You should wash your hands with soap, and if this is not possible, apply special hand sanitizer. Do not neglect basic hygiene rules. Your health and life depend on them.