Entrancing as always - Kate Middleton in elegant shiny high-heeled shoes
2021-04-26 20:06:25
Style icon Kate Middleton and Prince William looked spectacular at “Dear Evan Hansen” play. The Duchess of Cambridge wore a dress from Eponine, and the prince was in a navy suit
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Robin Madell By Robin Madell, Contributor Mar. 02, 2020, at 11:14 PM

Every time Kate Middleton goes out, she attracts the attention of millions because each of her outfits is an example of exquisite style and sophisticated taste. Lately, she has demonstrated rather an unusual item for her wardrobe, which appeared to be quite a good choice.

Duke and Duchess of Cambridge William and Kate attended Noel Coward Theater in the capital. The reason for their visit was “Dear Evan Hansen” performance, which benefited The Royal Foundation, which focusses on mental wellbeing. The show was about a teenage boy who suffers from social anxiety.

The Duchess has emphasized her trim figure with a black tweed dress from Eponine. The brightest feature of the outfit was sparkling pumps from Jimmy Choo. The shoes were in silver tones, with high heels and pointed toes. The unexpected combination of the classic dress with dazzling shoes has appeared absolutely successful. The accessories and small details provided the harmony between the outfit items. Contrasting silver buttons made the cloth go well with the pumps, and the sparkling clutch completely justified the choice of the fashion elements. Diamond earrings borrowed from Queen Elizabeth and engagement ring completed the outfit. By the way, the legendary ring that belonged to Princess Diana was decorated with 12-carat sapphire framed with 14 diamonds. The Duchess’ hair was curled in large waves, which has already become Kate’s recognizable feature.

The shoes without exaggeration made Kate’s look outstanding. Without the pumps, it would be too strict and modest. The silver glitter gave expressiveness and charm to the evening outfit. Prince William kept up with his wife’s elegance. He wore a navy suit, matching his eyes.

Yet, it is not the first time the Duchess wore the silver stilettos. In July 2019, she wore them with a white formal dress for Action on Addiction gala dinner. The shoes also attracted attention that evening, yet not that much as at the theatre since they looked less catching with white clothing and grey clutch.

BAFTA awards event was enlightened with Kate’s and her finery’s beauty. She has chosen a gorgeous dress to the floor from Alexander McQueen. The sparkling shoes did not play a prominent role with that look. The photographs could barely catch them when Kate was walking. In such rare moments, we can see that the pumps are perfectly matched with the shining jewelry. Her hair was tied back to demonstrate the earrings.

By the way, Jimmy Choo stilettos are not the only silver shoes the Duchess has worn. She appeared in similar pumps from Oscar de la Renta for 100 Women in Finance charity event. However, that night all the audience’s attention was on her pink Gucci’s gown. Daily Mail has compared Kate to Cinderella, emphasizing her shiny shoes. It’s hard to disagree with the magazine, as the royal person indeed looked like a princess from a fairytale.

We find Duchess’s taste and her stylists’ work remarkable. The shiny pumps highlight the slenderness of Kate’s legs, keeping her looks eye-catching yet elegant.