Lose Water Weight – The Secret To Get Slim Quickly Without A Diet
2020-03-08 22:56:29
What is the weight of water and why is it so important when losing weight. Is it possible to lose weight in 1 day with the help of water loss. What food will help you get rid of water weight
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Robin Madell By Robin Madell, Contributor Mar. 08, 2020, at 10:21 PM

A slim and toned body is associated with beauty and health, which made women of every age fight with excess fat. However, the beautiful silhouette can be ruined not only with fat but with water.

What is water weight?

An average adult person’s body contains 60-70% of water. This amount can be decreased and increased depending on various factors, starting with health conditions and ending with life circumstances. The percentage of liquid directly affects our weight, yet the physical appearance reflects a lack or excess of water even more than scales. For instance, a newborn baby’s body contains about 90% of water, and it can be easily seen because of the baby’s chubby and soft fingers, hands, legs. If you want to understand either fat or water have given you a few extra pounds, pay attention to your body. If your problematic part is hips or belly, but you see that your face and fingers got chubby, too, the reason for the overweight is water.

Why our bodies accumulate excessive water?

Answering this question is crucial to find out how to lose water weight. It may seem that drinking less liquid is the right solution, yet, this opinion is wrong. A body that doesn’t receive enough water tries to save it, thus, the effect won’t worth your effort. As a rule, the root of the problem is an unhealthy lifestyle.

Too many carbohydrates

Besides losing fat, you also lose water weight when you consume fewer carbohydrates. How does it work? Received with carbs energy is stored as glycogen in your muscles. The human body requires three ounces of water to preserve one ounce of this element. Thus, spending energy, you lose water weight.

Overconsuming salt

Salt absorbs water. You probably have noticed that you become extremely thirsty after eating salty food. People who stop consuming salt quickly lose water weight. However, we wouldn’t recommend to go extremes. Sodium is needed to maintain water-salt balance, which is important for the normal functioning of body cells. Besides, salt promotes digestion. It’s wise to consume about 0.2 oz of salt per day.

Sedentary work

When a person stays in a sitting position for a long time, liquid “runs down” and is not excreted properly. Sometimes long sitting or staying causes swelling of the legs. That’s why you should move physically during breaks if you work in an office.

How to lose water weight

Getting rid of the excess liquid is much easier than losing fat. Besides, it can quickly thin fingers and facial features, improve body and muscle contours. Thus, before trying another strict diet, consider the following advice.

Normalize your nutrition

If you have no problems with your health, your body will preserve excess water because it needs it for some reason or because it cannot get rid of it. As soon as you normalize your nutrition, you will lose water weight. Enough fiber cleans the body from excessive food and liquid. Cutting out sugar helps you not to get chubby. Avoiding extreme diets and thirst prevents storing liquid as a “preparation” for possible dehydration.


Physical activity is an easy way to lose water weight because it increases the circulation of body liquids. Besides, it “burns” carbs and removes no longer needed water from your body. Aerobics, flexibility and stretching exercises are the most effective. Yet, make sure you don’t get dehydrated during workouts.

Take care of your health

Many reasons lead to the dysfunction of certain organs and body systems. It can entail swelling and weight gain. If you see that the recommendation above hasn’t helped you to get rid of excess liquid, consult a doctor. Swelling can be a symptom of more serious problems than extra water weight.

How food helps to get rid of water weight

Cucumbers refresh water balance

Besides a big amount of water, cucumbers contain Potassium. This element helps to maintain normal water balance. It removes excess liquid from the body, maintains heart and kidneys functioning, and has a good effect on digestion. Besides, there is a well-known fact that cucumber slices tone skin and remove puffiness around eyes. This low-calorie vegetable also promotes weight loss because the body requires much energy to digest it.

The complex benefit of leafy greens

Spinach, dill, kale, parsley, beet greens, and other precious green vegetables contain Potassium, the same as a cucumber. These products will clean your body from redundant liquid and salt, thus helping lose water weight. Big amount of calcium makes greens a good alternative to dairy products. In general, sufficient consumption of leafy vegetables helps to boost the immune system, normalizing digestion, and getting rid of extra pounds. There are many ways to cook greens and make it tasty even to people who are not fans of this kind of vegetables.

Wholegrains cleanse and saturate

People who want to lose water weight can eat wholegrains even every day. Surprisingly, this food has a good effect even on those who want to get rid of excessive fat. Wholegrains are gentle to the gastric tract, and it makes them a perfect product for people with gastritis. Brown rice is probably a leader among other grains that helps to drain off extra liquid. It contains fiber, Potassium, Magnesium, and B6 vitamin, which provide the needed effect.