No word about breaking up with Bradley Cooper. Irina Shayk took part in shoot topless and told about her personal life
2020-03-02 02:13:22
The 33-year-old star has decorated the cover of the digital issue in a satin dress with a full tulle skirt from the new Brandon Maxwell collection 3 2 1 5
Mike Greenfold By Mike Greenfold, Contributor Jul. 12, 2019, at 11:37 AM

The world-famous supermodel Irina Shayk has become the main character of the summer issue of the digital version of Harper’s Bazaar magazine. The 33-year-old star has decorated the cover of the digital issue in a satin dress with a full tulle skirt from the new Brandon Maxwell collection.

In the photo shoot by popular photographer Zoya Grossman, the star tried on several luxurious images from premium brands. In particular, Shayk posed in a trench coat from Burberry, dresses from Balmain and Carolina Herrera costume. Fashionable looks were added with decorations from the new Bulgari collection and shoes from Christian Louboutin.

In addition to the stylish photoset, in the summer gloss digital issue appeared an interview, in which Shayk told about her personal life, but did not comment on her breakup with Hollywood actor Bradley Cooper. Harper’s Bazaar declared that on the eve of the interview, they received a warning from the model agent, who emphasized that Shayk would not talk about ending the relationship with the actor. “Irina has not commented on her personal life before, and will not comment on it now. She also will not answer questions about the events that occur in her personal life now” the star's agent noted.

However, in an interview with the publication, Shayk said that she still believes in marriage and love, and hopes that she will be able to find her soul mate.

“This is the essence of people to want what they do not have. If there is a curtain, we will definitely want to see what is behind it. I think this is curiosity. Each person has his own look on marriage and relationships. Do I believe in marriage? Yes of course. I am one of those women who are not against marriage, ”she admitted.

Shayk also told about the birth of her daughter Lea, who named after her grandmother Galina. “You have to be yourself for your children, otherwise you live in a lie. Give me at least one reason why a woman should change into a long skirt after giving birth to a child? No, she should not. And I'm not going to do that. Why should I stop being myself just because I became a mother? Give at least one reason! I do not understand why society imposes this idea on women, ” the model says.

Shayk also added that she does not consider herself an it-girl. "It's not me. I am not a fashionable girl from a steep area who wears designer clothes and goes outside with a fashionable stroller. I'm not an arrogant cool model that always wants to look perfect. I am not ideal. I have days when my face looks terrible or I don't have time for a perfect hairstyle. I am an ordinary person,” admitted the star.