United States Increases Investment in AI by 120% for the Year
2020-03-02 00:53:08
American investments in 2018 amounted to $ 9.7 billion, which is 120% more than in 2017.
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Mike Greenfold By Mike Greenfold, Contributor Nov. 04, 2019, at 01:31 PM

The United States is a leader in investing in artificial intelligence. This country invests in technology 52.3% and it is more than all countries combined. Such data was published by the global consulting firm ABI Research. According to investment policy research data, in 2019, the gap between the US and other countries continues to widen. Analysts believe that by the end of the year, the US share may reach 70%.

American investments in 2018 amounted to $ 9.7 billion, which is 120% more than in 2017. Investments by companies such as Cruise Automation, Dataminr, Zoox, and Zymergen have increased significantly. Analysts predict that in 2019, investments in this industry may increase to $ 14 billion.

Although America holds the lead in the development of technology, and the largest world IT companies are based in the country, the chances of remaining a leader in the coming years are not so great.

In order not to miss the leader position, the White House should double its investment in artificial intelligence. "Doubling the research budget will be a good start, given that most countries are significantly behind the US," Kai-fu Lee explained in an interview with CNBC.

In September, DARPA, a promising defense initiative agency, announced the $ 2 billion AI Next program. The division is already developing 20 programs to create machine learning technologies. Another 60 projects are somehow related to the algorithms. According to CNBC, the US National Science Foundation annually invests $ 100 million in research in the field of artificial intelligence.

However, Kai-fu Lee believes that America should allocate more funds for grant support to scientists. Now many people prefer the tedious struggle for grants to a position in a large IT corporation, which offers high salaries and other bonuses.

This is not the first year that the United States has widely used investments in the development of artificial intelligence. And in recent years, this investment policy has begun to produce results. At the same time, in the USA, the development of artificial intelligence occurs in various sectors of the economy, including autonomous cars, manufacturing, robotic automation, and cybersecurity. Thanks tо such well-developed investment policy, the United States has a strong leadership position, and other countries need to do ьгср more to catch up with America.