Unusual snake fish discovered in one of the states of USA - Georgia
2020-03-01 23:37:39
Appearance unusual fish in Georgia made officials extremely surprised.
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Mike Greenfold By Mike Greenfold, Contributor Oct. 11, 2019, at 06:51 PM

If you are not a wildlife connoisseur and will see the snakehead for the first time, then its appearance will cause shock in you. Weird fish received many names during their appearance in different parts of the USA. In Maryland, she was called the "companion for Creatures from the Black Lagoon," in Virginia - "Frankenfish," or in New York - "the equivalent of freshwater aquarium fish".

Just a huge amount of terrible descriptions has this unusual fish. In those years when it first appeared in the freshwater reservoirs of the United States, it caused horror among eyewitnesses. Back in early 2000th, Home Secretary Gail Norton said the fish looked like a horror movie character and imposed a ban on the import and export of snake fish.

The USA is not the homeland of the snakehead. It was brought from another countries and has already appeared in 15 states despite the ban on import and trade between states. And in early October, this horror movie persona appeared in the Georgia. This was officially announced by the representative of the Department of Natural Resources of Georgia. According to his statement, the northern snakehead was found in Gwinnett County.

The department developed rules of conduct and gave clear instructions to state residents. According to these rules, if someone encounters a terrible fish, he should kill her immediately. After that, they should get it and freeze it, because if you leave the fish on land it can survive.

Mostly snakeheads are in countries such as Asia, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Africa. According to the law adopted by the government in 2002, trade in certain types of wildlife, including those of foreign origin, are both dangerous and harmful, was banned.

The main characteristics of this fish are the ability to live in freshwater and move on land, as well as the ability to live without water for several days. The snakehead is classified as a predator because its main food is small animals.

Ms. Norton said in 2002 that this fish could cause irreparable damage to the fishing industry. Therefore, the government together with citizens should make every effort to prevent the appearance of the weird fish in the waters of the USA.

Georgia Robotics Wildlife Resource Manager Scott Robinson said the department received a call from a fisherman from Lilburn. The fisherman told when he pulled out his catch, he was horrified. This creature struck him with its strange appearance. He immediately realized that this is something that does not live in the waters of the United States. He took a photograph, despite the fact that he was worried. After the fisherman’s story, the department announced a snakehead hunt. And on Wednesday this week, a group of fishermen caught an adult snakehead and some young ones. When they were asked what they did with their catch, they replied that they killed and froze all the snakeheads which they caught. The day after the terrible catch, the group continued their hunt around all rivers, ponds, lakes near that place. Despite the mass message on Facebook about the appearance of snakehead in one place or another, the facts about their discovery have not been confirmed.

Many citizens have a question, but what's wrong with this strange form?

 According to the department, the snakehead is very voracious and breed with high speed. These qualities of her upset the balance in nature. And most importantly, it will affect the fish population, because snakeheads as predators eat small fish, frogs, lizards with great speed, and this will lead to the fact that other predators will not have food left and they will die out.

According to information, the northern snakehead is actively used in some areas of China. Here it is used as a meat product, and it is bred on special farms. Also, this fish is not a country for residents of Russia and Korea.

According to Dr. Parenti, the snakehead was a fish for an aquarium, but thanks to its aggressiveness, people stopped keeping it in aquariums at home. An increase in the number of this species of fish has a very strong effect on the food chain and fish population.

This may adversely affect the fishing industry of the country. And destroy the activities of small fishermen who live off fishing. Dr. Parenti suggested genetic testing of the young snakeheads to track connection with adult representatives of this species. This will help them find out both parents are caught or one of them remains in the water and may constitute a danger.