Useful tips which help you to win in a plane incident
2020-03-02 00:13:56
Everybody has his reason to be afraid of air planes, but the most of them do not correspond to reality. 5 1 1 5
Mike Greenfold By Mike Greenfold, Contributor Sep. 20, 2019, at 12:07 PM

Although air flights have a huge percentage of passenger transportation, many refuse to use airline services because of their fear. Each person has his reason to be afraid of airplanes, but most of them are just far-fetched and do not correspond to reality. Some passengers are afraid that technical malfunctions may occur during the flight, and some are afraid of thunder and lightning, suggesting that they may get on the plane. But all these people are united by one thing - the fear of a plane crash.

If you have decided to take advantage of air travel, you need to calm your fears and keep calm. But if you do not succeed, then maybe the advice of the American pilot Dave Inch about how to survive during a plane crash will help you calm down.

And so, the tricks that possibly save your life:

1. Forget about your phone

During a plane crash, some passengers constantly take photos or shoot videos. They are so passionate that they don’t see anything around them. And at this moment, something very important can happen that can save their life. A plane crash could not be more interesting than your own life.

2. Listen carefully to air stewards instructions

During a plane crash, people start to panic and only flight attendants and pilots keep a clear mind. Therefore, only the aircrew can give you a clear plan of action that will increase your chance of survival. Only after the air steward gives the command to leave, you can go to the exit. And never try to get out of the plane yourself. This will not lead to anything good.

3. Remember where are the emergency exits.

You may not need them, and some may not always be used. When landing on water, emergency exits are not used. But knowing how far away you are from the emergency exit is necessary.

4. Rid yourself from dangerous things.

Some things, such as a tie, a belt of trousers, a necklace and others, can cling to something and become an obstacle to your salvation. Also, hard objects in your pockets can hurt you during a fall.

5. Do not panic during a fire.

If there is a fire onboard the aircraft, do not rush to say goodbye to life. At home, put a small piece of cloth in your pocket. If you have the opportunity, soak a rag and during the fire you should lower to the bottom of the airplane and breathe through the rag. 

6. Life jacket inflate only at the exit.

When the plane falls into the water and begins to fill with water, a pre-inflated vest can become an obstacle to movement and you will be trapped. Therefore, do not wear it, but simply hold it in your hands, and only at the exit you should wear it.

The chance to get into a plane crash is not great. But there is still a risk, so remember these tips and share them with your friends. Perhaps they will save someone's life.